Sow at PRO BREIZH, harvest in the fall!

Saturday 4 June 2022

1st PRO BREIZH, a first, a success!

Friday, June 3, a date that will remain in the memories of the 88 participants in PRO BREIZH, the 1st edition of an immersive course in the naval world. 
More than 40 young people accompanied by the Local Mission Networks for Employment of the Lorient region, 10 people undergoing reconversion benefited from the accompaniment of the LA TOULINE association, and young work-study students joined the groups for this unique day in the heart of the ship repair ring of Lorient. The BPN employment, training and legal commission had concocted an "intense" course combining all aspects of the Breton maritime industry, The various stages enabled the 5 groups to discover the NAVEXPO show and its exhibiting companies, to visit the workshops of AML (Ateliers Mécanique Lorientais) and Hydrocorp, but also to project themselves into the world of 3D with a visit to the Sofresid Engineering platform, a stopover in the "Navire des Métiers" (Ship of Trades), a demonstration of drones, and a visit to ships afloat. ... with a highlight at 11:30 to attend the handling in the company AML of a ber by the staff of the ARN. This day ended in a climax with the "reverse pitch" of companies, and the holding of many Be to Be (job fair) between companies and young people motivated to deepen their knowledge of the maritime world and perhaps find a job and or training. 

A first PRO BREIZH test, which has proved its worth and which BPN will be able to extend to the whole of the Brittany region in the months and years to come!

Thank you to the partners of PRO BREIZH, Mission Locale network for employment in Lorient, La Touline, Greta, Navexpo, IPL interprofession of the Port of Lorient, the agglomeration of Lorient, without forgetting all our companies and our volunteers.