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Are you looking for a highly formative work-study programme? Do you want to validate your degree of autonomy and your professionalism? Do you enjoy working in a human-sized structure where teamwork is a reality?

Join us for your final year of the engineering course, project management. A year in which we will be able to support you so that you can quickly gain practical experience in the field, where communication and a sense of achievement are key!

 Your mission: You will be fully integrated into a small team, your missions are closely linked to the implementation of two major projects for BPN, namely


  • Identify the skills, experience and expertise of member companies in the 3 NAVAL sectors. MRE . OIL AND GAS and Energies.
  • Optimise the tools for collecting information from companies,
  • To analyse the data collected, to synthesise them in a complete study report (products, services, human resources, industrial resources, etc.)  
  • Mapping the technical skills of members in each sector and defining possible links between sectors.
  • Identify by sector the projects and prospects that will constitute short, medium and long term business opportunities for companies in France and internationally. (e.g. decarbonation, MRE technologies, IN 4.0, etc.). This identification could be carried out in whole or in part within the framework of European contracts in which the cluster is a partner.
  • Identify the obstacles and levers and propose corrective solutions and/or support, enabling members to access "new markets (diversification)".
  • To propose a market penetration approach based on the technical skills of the companies.
  • Strengthen synergies between companies (technical and competitive consortium)



  • Within the framework of the work of the cluster's industrial and port infrastructures commission, it was decided to carry out a complete and detailed update of the various resources held by the companies and or made available by the public structures (region, community of communes, mixed syndicate, CCI, concessionaires, etc....)
    • To update and complete, as a dedicated first step, the databases previously established over the years by the BPN infrastructure commission. This task will include three major actions
    • Update the inventory of all the industrial and port infrastructures and tools of the various sites operated by the players in the naval, MRE and Oil and Gas sectors in the Brittany region, and complete it for the various ports in the Greater West, with an extension to the greater Atlantic arc.
    • Establish an inventory of the administrative follow-up of current port agreements in the region (inventory of contractual elements, duration of delegation, etc.).
    • Carry out a cost study on the use of infrastructures according to various scenarios of construction, repair or conversion of ships or large structures.
  • To establish a precise inventory, in the second phase, of the different port agreements (DSP/ AOT..), and this, on the whole regional territory (regional ports, departmental ports...)
    • The expected deliverable is intended for a dedicated WG of the Infrastructure Committee, which will make it possible, on the basis of factual elements, to identify and specify the necessary adaptations by adding "weighty" criteria for taking into account and providing elements for decision-making on points falling under the responsibility of the local and/or regional authorities.
  • In the end, a complete report (e.g. a white paper) will be drawn up, taking into account the regulatory obligations under the Loi Notre. This document will be mainly oriented on the AOT issues (initial contract and amendment) by making the link with the exploitation of the Breton maritime and port domain.

Profile required:

Student: Bac + 5/Preparation for a degree in general engineering, Project Management, Engineer specialising in maritime projects.   

  • You are both autonomous, versatile and multi-skilled, reactive, your team spirit and interpersonal skills are natural and proven, you have a real culture of results and a sense of responsibility, you master computer tools. You have excellent interpersonal skills and a sense of proportion in your relations with third parties.

Your advantages: English is not a constraint for you, but a real asset.

Your ability to listen, you know how to stand back and prioritise tasks and missions.

Information on work experience: Duration: 10 to 12 months - work experience may lead to a fixed-term contract or a permanent contract in the future.
Start date: to be defined

Location: Lorient

Contact: Managing director

General Delegate

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1 seul fichier.
Limité à 8 Mo.
Types autorisés : txt, pdf, doc, docx, ods.
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