Since 2008, bookBeo has successfully supported its numerous clients in the ocean field on the development of innovative digital solutions and is well recognised for its flexibility, responsiveness and understanding of client's needs


Expert in new technologies: augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence

Products and services

Augmented leaflet and brochures, in-situ training developed based on virtual reality technologies, remote training in augmented reality, operator assistance for quality or maintenance, Web sites & platforms

R&D Ocean field use cases:

  • Development of website: redesign of BPN website
  • Development of Nav&Co app for 2 major partners Shom and OFB: navigation app for yachtsmen and all users of coastal areas
  • Development of Explor'@de app for the client Espace des sciences / Maison de la mer located in Lorient city: geolocation map for ports, buildings, industrial equipment and ships in Lorient

Human and technical resources

Team of 8 multidisciplinary and complementary engineers, designers marketers and developers who are experts in digital uses and technologies. Development leverages UX, agile methodology and sprint organisation


Products and services